UN Mission condemns attack during February 17 revolution celebration in Sebha

Alwasat Staff Wed 17 Feb 2021, 10:34 PM
alwasat radio

The UN mission in Libya "strongly" condemned what it said was "an apparent mortar attack in the Manshiya area of Sebha yesterday during a tenth anniversary celebration of the revolution" and called for an "independent" and "impartial" investigation to be ensured.

The mission added that the "heinous attack on civilians" resulted in "the death of a child and the injury of 29 others, including two children" and called on the competent authorities to ensure an independent investigation to bring the perpetrators to trial.

A projectile, likely a mortar, fell towards the revelers at dawn on Wednesday, according to eyewitnesses. Sebha Municipal Council confirmed an explosion had occured without indicating its nature or source.

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