Muslim Brotherhood members in Zawiya say they have collectively resigned, dissolve organization's branch in city

Alwasat Staff Thu 13 Aug 2020, 08:49 PM
alwasat radio

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the city of Zawiya (western Libya), submitted a collective resignation from the group, adding that its branch in the city had been dissolved as of today.

The signatories said in a statement that the decision came "in response to the call of many loyal people in the nation who want freedom, the establishment of a civil state in which citizens live and enjoys the right to citizenship, regardless of their intellectual orientation or political affiliation." They added "Libya is going through quarrels, alignments, and war on the homeland, in pursuit of militarizing the state under the name of fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and the war on terror."

The group also said that they have carried out revisions regarding the future of the organization since 2015 and stated “accordingly, the group decided to make a change in its existence that favors the higher interest of the country and the citizen. We, the sons of Zawiya, who belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, have decided to resign from the organization and thus we consider the group’s branch in Zawiya dissolved from this date.”

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