Child wounded and a school damaged by indiscriminate shelling on Salah al-Din area in Tripoli

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 04 Nov 2019, 11:13 PM
alwasat radio

Witnesses told Alwasat, that indiscriminate shells hit the Salah al-Din area in the capital Tripoli, one fell on a house, and another was near a primary school, wounding a child and residents of the house.

One of the shells hit the house of the Juhayder family, wounding a child. The residents of the house, the cousins ​​of the same family, were injured by shrapnel.

A shell landed near the Rajab Al-Naib elementary school while the students were inside, shattering its windows, witnesses said, while one of the parents said the school administration had removed the pupils for their safety.

In a related context, the education superintendent in Ain Zara municipality, in a statement, announced the suspension of study in schools in the municipality because of clashes, and shell strikes near them.

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