Tripoli Protection Force says it has targeted LNA positions, destroyed armored vehicles

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 04 Apr 2019, 08:53 PM
alwasat radio

The Tripoli Protection Force loyal to the Government of National Reconciliation Accord said it has targeted LNA positions, destroying two armored vehicles and has seized two other vehicles.

The force, through its Facebook page, said that it has "followed the provocative speeches by armed gangs supporting Al-Karama operation in the areas of Aziziya, Al-Sarraj and Al-Asabaa."

Adding that the areas from Zawiyah to Azizia, Al-Sarraj and Al-Asabaa are under the control of the gathering of forces of the Western defense zone, unlike statements by the spokesman for the General Command, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Mismari, who said they were under LNA control.


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