Significant increase in number of ships docking at Benghazi port during August

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 06 Sep 2023, 07:29 PM
alwasat radio

Maritime traffic in the port of Benghazi witnessed a significant increase during the month of August.

The director of the handling office in the port, Sherif Aoun, said in a statement to the Libyan News Agency on Tuesday evening that "the number of ships that docked at the Jalyana Free Zone amounted to 51, loaded with different goods", noting that the workers in the free zone unloaded these ships in record time, which made the shipping agents grant certificates of thanks and appreciation to the port workers.

The workers dealt with 27 container ships, 13 grain ships, four ships loaded with cars, three ships loaded with bulk cement and four ships loaded with equipment and spare parts, Aoun said, noting that this list does not include ships coming to the port's oil pier.

He pointed out that officials at the port have adopted the mechanism of continuous work so that the work of handling, storage and delivery of goods to their owners does not stop around the clock.

The increase in ship traffic coming to the port of Benghazi, officials said, comes after the announcement that the Jalyana pier will be converted into a free trade zone.

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