Communications outage not affecting oil production at El Feel oil field

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 14 Feb 2023, 01:02 AM
alwasat radio

All communications were cut off from Libya's El Feel oil field on Monday due to a malfunction with fiber-optic lines, according to the field's media office.

A statement released on the field's Facebook page said: "For reasons beyond control, all communications from the field were interrupted, due to a malfunction in the fiber-optic lines. The field's communications department is seeking to communicate with the relevant authorities to fix this malfunction."

Production was not affected after the failure according to Italian news agency Nova.

Nova stated that the El Feel field is managed by the Mellitah company, which is jointly owned by Libya's National Oil Corporation and the Italian company Eni.

Adding, "Production from the El Feel oil field in southern Libya was not affected after the failure occurred. Communications with the outside world are still 100% guaranteed by other systems."

The El Feel field is located in the Murzuq basin in southwestern Libya. It is the largest oil field in the basin with a production capacity of 125,000 barrels per day.

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