NOC: Four gas wells re-opened and connected to Bahr al-Salam offshore field after "technical issues" fixed

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 15 Dec 2022, 05:31 PM
alwasat radio

Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced that the Mellitah Oil and Gas Company succeeded on Thursday morning, in re-opening 4 gas wells and connecting them to the production line at Bahr al-Salam offshore field, northwest of Tripoli.

The NOC explained in a statement that the four gas wells are, “CW5, CW6, CW7, and CW8”, which were "shut down due to technical issues.”

It confirmed that specialists from the Mellitah Oil and Gas Company succeeded in overcoming the technical problems at the largest floating production platform in Libya.

The NOC's Board of Directors also praised the management of the Mellitah Oil and Gas Company and all the employees "who were behind this outstanding work".

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