Sudanese-Chadian Joint Forces arrest 30 individuals attempting to enter Libya illegally

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 08 Sep 2021, 01:05 AM
alwasat radio

The Commander of the Joint Sudanese-Chadian Forces on the Sudanese side, Brigadier General Saad Al-Hadi Al-Balulah, said that the joint forces captured 30 people, who were on their way to Libya illegally, through the Chadian Umm Khar area, which is located on the border with Sudan.

Among those arrested were 22 Sudanese, five Ethiopians and three South Sudanese nationals, according to the Sudanese website Al-Intibaha.

Al-Balulah said the individuals were released but described the exchange of information and communications that took place as one of the achievements of the joint forces in the fight against illegal migration, as well as their primary role in establishing the foundations of security and peace, and strengthening the long-standing relations between the two countries in border areas.

For his part, the governor of West Darfur, General Khamis Abdallah Abkar, directed that all those arrested be returned to their areas and countries in coordination with the state government. He also revealed a plan for his government to coordinate with the joint forces and civil administration leaders regarding the exchange of inter-border visits to address border problems that arise during the harvest season.

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