Chadian governor attacked by military unit commander after seizure of vehicles coming from Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 20 Aug 2021, 07:21 AM
alwasat radio

The regional governor of Wour, a Chadian town located in the far north of the country, was attacked in his home by a military commander for his refusal to return 37 impounded vehicles that came from Libya to their owner.

The case began last Tuesday when the Chadian authorities in the Tibesti region confiscated 37 vehicles coming from the Libyan border. The Chadian government later said that the source of these vehicles was questionable and that the drivers did not subject them to customs duties, as reported by Radio France International on Thursday.

After the seizure a Chadian commander at heading the military unit in the area called on the governor to return the vehicles to their owner. When faced with a refusal, the unit commander travelled to the governor's home to attack him.

According to a government spokesperson, the governor is in good health and the unit commander has been placed under arrest. Abderaman Koulamallah, spokesman for Chad's transitional government believes that the soldier exceeded his duties saying “he probably had an acquaintance with the owner of these vehicles. His actions are absolutely reprehensible and punishments will be applied."

The Chadian government announced that it would work to end the traffic of vehicles coming from Libya, saying it weakens the local market.

The mountainous region of Tibesti is located in a border triangle between Libya, Chad and Niger, and is considered a strategic starting point used by Chadian rebels to fight government forces and launch attacks, one of which led to the killing of President Idriss Deby last April. .

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