Minniti warns of possible failure of Dabaiba's government, calls on Italy to play

Alwasat - Cairo 2 days
alwasat radio

Former Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti warned of the fallout of a "potential failure" of Libya's new national unity government, noting that his country's authorities must play a "leading role in Libya," in order to unite Europe as a whole on the issue.

Minniti in a statement to a local news site quoted by the Italian news agency Aki on Thursday, also called on the government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi to "put an end to the fairly obvious divisions in the European Union over recent years" over the Libyan crisis.

Minniti said unity of intent was required "in particular, the challenge that the Russian-Turkish presence in Libya imposes on the whole of Europe," warning that the failure of the new Libyan prime minister, Abdulhamid Dabaiba, is "highly likely."

The former Italian interior minister said that the failure of Dabaiba's government would lead to "the division of Libya into two spheres of influence: one Russian and one Turkish," adding that "Europe cannot allow this, because it would be a tragic blow to Italy and to the whole European Union."


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