EU calls on Turkey to reconsider its Libya policy

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 20 Dec 2020, 11:52 PM
alwasat radio

EU foreign policy and security commissioner Josep Borel called on Turkey to reconsider its policy in Libya, saying that "its role does not correspond to the security interests of the Union."

"Turkey's active and one-sided role in both Libya and Syria has been increasingly seen as not responding to the security interests of the EU as a whole nor to the understandings reached among its members," Borrell said on Friday.

The European official expressed concern about the agreement between Turkey and the Government of National Accord and the subsequent Turkish exploration work, "which has become a direct challenge to Greece and Cyprus, especially as the work created a very negative atmosphere."

"All of this raises radical questions about Turkey's objectives, given that Turkey is a candidate country to join the European Union," he added.

Borrell warned that tensions in the eastern Mediterranean and relations with Turkey were "among the biggest challenges facing the EU in 2020, and the situation will likely continue as such in 2021."

In response to Borrell, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that "his country has not taken any action contrary to international law in Libya," adding in remarks to Turkish TV channel TRT on Friday evening that "France wanted to cover up its crimes by introducing operation Irini," referring to the European operation to monitor the arms embargo on Libya.

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