Turkey Slams Macron's 'Arrogant' Comments On Eastern Med

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 10 Sep 2020, 04:20 PM
alwasat radio

Ankara on Thursday slammed French President Emmanuel Macron's "arrogant" comments on the simmering eastern Mediterranean standoff, which has pitted Turkey against Greece and the rest of the EU.

"French President Macron has again made an arrogant… statement," the foreign ministry said, adding in a statement that the French leader's comments were a sign "of his own weakness and despair".

Speaking in Corsica, where seven Mediterranean nations are discussing a response to Turkey's search for energy in waters claimed by Greece, Macron said Europe needed "to be clear and firm with the government of President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan".

"The people of Turkey, who are a great people, deserve something else," Macron said while discussing Erdogan's approach to the crisis, which Greece wants punished with biting economic sanctions.

The Turkish ministry accused Macron, who has backed Greece's claims by sending French warships into the region, of inflaming tensions "with his personal and nationalist attitude."

Macron's approach "puts Europe and the EU's great interests in jeopardy," the Turkish foreign ministry said.

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