Russia: European Union must obtain United Nations approval to monitor the arms embargo on Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 21 Apr 2020, 06:19 PM
alwasat radio

Russia urged the European Union today to obtain the approval of the United Nations Security Council for its military operation to impose an arms embargo on Libya.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in a video of the members of the Gorkhakov Club for Public Diplomacy, said that the European Union's unwillingness to brief the United Nations on the details of the operation "raises questions."

Lavrov added, praising the idea of ​​monitoring compliance as "noble": "We told our European friends that the European Union should come to the UN Security Council and say: The UN Security Council has declared the arms embargo, and we - the European Union - want to do another special process to monitor compliance with the embargo... We therefore ask the Security Council to support our approach. ”

"The fact that the European Union is trying to avoid presenting its ideas to the UN Security Council raises questions about the reasons for this position," he added.

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