Niger 'concerned' thousands of migrants will attempt to flee war in Tripoli

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 26 Aug 2019, 05:10 PM
alwasat radio

Nigerien President Mahamadou Issoufou said his country was not ready to receive African migrants fleeing the Tripoli war, pointing to the success of a three-year government plan to reduce the number of infiltrators across borders.

In an interview with French weekly Jeune Afrique, Issoufou expressed concern about the possible return of African migrants fleeing fighting in Libya. He pointed to the plan to control the flow of illegal migration routes, which was developed in 2016 to reduce the number of migrants crossing Niger from 150,000 to 10,000 annually. Adding his country is not willing to receive thousands of migrants from Libya.

Niger's plan since 2016 requires that any foreigner (African) caught attempting to reach Algeria or Libya through the city's of Agadez or Erlit be deprived of the right to free movement in Niger, with legal action taken against them.

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