Four wounded in Bent Bayya explosion transported to Italy for "urgent medical treatment"

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 07 Aug 2022, 09:44 PM
alwasat radio

The Italian Embassy in Libya announced the transfer of four injured from the fuel tanker explosion in the municipality of Bent Bayya to Italy for "urgent medical treatment", via a plane that arrived in Tripoli on Saturday.

The embassy said, in a statement that this came within the mission of MedEvac, in cooperation and coordination with the Italian Civil Protection Department.

The explosion of the fuel tanker in Bent Bayya municipality resulted in the death of 9 citizens, while over 70 others were injured with severe or varying degrees of burns.

The explosion took place on August 1, when a fuel tanker truck overturned before catching fire and exploding.

Residents in the area rushed to collect leaked gasoline despite warnings of possible fire and explosion, causing the high casualty tolls.

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