31 parties call on Presidential Council to take over country's affairs, hold elections at end of the year

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 05 Jul 2022, 03:05 PM
alwasat radio

Alwasat learned from a source close to the Presidential Council that 31 political parties have called on it to “take control of matters and issue sovereign decrees that end the transitional stages immediately,” in addition to “setting the date of the parliamentary and presidential elections simultaneously before the end of the year.”

The same source said that the head of the council, Mohamed Menfi, met with representatives of those parties on Tuesday morning, without specifying the names of the participants in the meeting.

31 political parties issued a joint statement on Saturday, calling for the Presidential Council to assume responsibility for its tasks, and to fulfill its pledges to reach the presidential and parliamentary elections in response to the people's calls.

They called for respecting the will of the Libyan people and implementing their demands for holding presidential and legislative elections as soon as possible, considering that ignoring or underestimating this will amount to a "national betrayal and an unforgivable historical crime."

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