Bashagha to Guterres: UN mandate to determine course of elections has expired, it's time to find a Libyan-Libyan solution

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 22 Jun 2022, 03:29 PM
alwasat radio

Libya's parliament-appointed Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha said on Wednesday that the United Nations mandate to determine the course of elections has now officially expired and added “as the Prime Minister of Libya elected by the House of Representatives, I will now be leading all efforts to bring elections to Libya at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Bashagha's statements came in a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. 

He thanked Guterres and the United Nations for their efforts over the past 11 years and their assistance in contributing to building a free and democratic Libya, but stressed that now is the time to find a Libyan-Libyan solution to hold elections, provided that it also includes reforms that guarantee Libyans the life they deserve and demand.

He welcomed the continued participation of the United Nations in assisting in with implementing the road map towards recovery, but affirmed his commitment to a Libyan-Libyan solution, expecting to take “big steps” towards legislative and presidential elections in the coming months.

Bashagha also expressed his aspiration to meet with Guterres in New York during the United Nations General Assembly, to discuss his roadmap towards recovery.

Bashagha indicated that his roadmap for Libya emphasizes the need to focus not only on elections, but also on offering multi-dimensional solutions to challenges facing the country in this “sensitive stage”.

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