Bashagha criticizes UN mission's handling of Libya crisis, says team has become weak and must be replaced

Alwasat - Cairo 5 days
alwasat radio

Libya's parliament appointed Prime Minister, Fathi Bashagha, criticized the role of the United Nations mission in resolving the Libyan crisis, saying that “the international team has become weak and must be replaced, for not being aware of the reality of the crisis.”

This came in excerpts from Bashagha's interview, which will be broadcast Sunday evening on Qatar's Al-Araby TV. 

The interview with Bashagha reviewed ways to restore the state’s sovereignty and the extent of his government’s ability to deal with armed groups scattered throughout Libya, the relationship between the UN mission and Government of National Unity, headed by Abdulamid Dabaiba and the failure to hold elections in December 2021.

Bashagha also revealed a new strategy for his government aimed at diversifying the state's sources of income, revealing major offers from international oil companies to invest in the sector.


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