Dabaiba: We say it clearly, yes to elections and no to extension

Alwasat - Cairo Sat 19 Feb 2022, 11:41 PM
alwasat radio

Government of National Unity Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba called for elections during his participation in the February 17 revolution celebrations in Misrata.

Dabaiba said in a speech on Saturday evening, "We say it clearly, yes to elections and no to extension. We want one united Libya... I insisted on participating despite the preoccupations".

He added, addressing the people of the region: "Young people have done a lot for the sake of the country and I salute the men for their partnership... Young people will have priority in the plots of land that we announced and we will not abandon them. We will not leave you and you will not let Libya be violated in front of you."

He continued, "The road is still long, they are targeting Misrata but with your efforts, your words and your courage, we will defeat them".

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