Macron: We act aggressively to resolve crises, in particular Lebanon and Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 06 Dec 2021, 04:09 PM
alwasat radio

French President Emmanuel Macron said that his current thinking is focused on Libya and Lebanon, noting that "Paris is acting aggressively to resolve crises in the Middle East that breed terrorism and instability in the region."

Macron issued the statement on Saturday evening, at the end of a Gulf tour that led him to the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Macron believes that the French role in the Middle East is a "historic role that is represented in achieving balances, finding channels for dialogue and contributing to building peace and stability."

Macron stressed that France has an interest in exercising its role in the Middle East as it is there that part of its collective security is decided, adding, “Therefore we act aggressively to resolve crises that generate instability, terrorism and suffering, and I am thinking in particular of Lebanon and Libya.”

During his meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the two sides stressed, in a joint statement, “the importance of reaching a political solution to the Libyan crisis in accordance with the decisions of international legitimacy and in a manner that achieves security and stability in the region.”

In Abu Dhabi, the UAE and France announced in an official statement on Friday the necessity of the success of the Libyan elections and the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces. In a joint statement, the two stressed their commitment to support efforts to promote peace and stability at the regional and international levels.

Last week, a report from United Nations experts warned against the “slowness” of the process of withdrawing mercenaries from the country, pointing to the accusations leveled in September against France of carrying out military operations in southern Libya, which were rejected by Paris at the time.

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