Turkey calls for a specific roadmap for Libya elections if they are postponed

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 06 Dec 2021, 04:02 PM
alwasat radio

Turkey called for the necessity of declaring a "specific roadmap" regarding the Libyan elections in the event that the elections scheduled for December 24 cannot be organized on time, stressing the need to transparently explain the reasons for the delay to the public.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin confirmed in a statement to Anadolu Agency on Sunday, that Ankara “supports the holding of the Libyan elections on their scheduled date, and believes that in the event of the postponement of the elections, the reasons must be transparently explained to the public and a specific road map regarding the electoral race must be announced.”

"We believe that this is very important in terms of the legitimacy of the existing government and the safety of the steps that will be taken until the date of the elections," Kalin added, reiterating that "Turkey will continue to support the Libyan people and their legitimate government, whatever the outcome of the elections."

The electoral process for the elections of the head of state entered the appeals phase several days ago, and it is expected that the High National Elections Commission will announce at the end of this phase with a final list of candidates competing for the position of head of state.

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