FBI to inspect plane in Cyprus suspected of transporting weapons to Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 13 Oct 2021, 03:40 PM
alwasat radio

Cyprus police announced that experts from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation have arrived on the island with the aim of inspecting a plane at Paphos Airport. It is suspected that the plane was used to transport weapons to Libya in violation of the international embargo.

Police spokesman Christos Andreu said that "the FBI, together with police and government experts in the handling of explosives, will open the sealed hangar where the aircraft is located and inspect the aircraft."

“They have to determine whether there is any military equipment on board at the moment or whether there was any military equipment on board, whether the aircraft has the ability to transport weapons, and whether all this is related to the violation of the embargo on the supply of arms to Libya,” Andreu added.

The police spokesman noted that a few weeks ago, the island’s authorities received “two separate requests from the FBI and the UN to initiate an investigation into this aircraft.”

According to the Cypriot press, a small plane, registered by the Serbian Civil Aviation Authority in August 2018 and excluded from the register by the Jordanian authorities in July 2019, has been kept in a private hangar at Paphos airport for almost two years. Recently, it has been monitored around the clock, since after the report of the group of experts on Libya submitted to the UN Security Council, the Cypriot authorities received a notification about the alleged use of this aircraft in criminal activities.

According to the Cyprus Mail newspaper, UN experts revealed that in 2019, an operation was carried out in Libya with the money of Western entrepreneurs, the purpose of which was to supply military equipment to the forces of Marshal Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army in violation of the arms embargo.

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