2000 dinars to be distributed to each displaced family from Sirte residing in Misrata

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 11 Oct 2021, 12:57 PM
alwasat radio

The International Committee of the Red Cross, Libya Branch, provided financial aid to displaced families from the city of Sirte, residing in Misrata, at the rate of 2000 dinars per family.

This came in cooperation with the Misrata Social Affairs Office, to help those families who were displaced from Sirte last year, after the destruction of their homes.

A source in the Committee for the Displaced from Sirte told Alwasat that the financial aid is to cover the expenses of the rent allowance for these families and their basic needs.

The source pointed out that a large number of families received the aid on Sunday, and it will continue to be distributed according to the alphabet, until the end of this week.

The Displaced Persons Committee also distributed sums of money during the past months, estimated at 1,600 dinars to each family.

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