Aguila Saleh says can't comment on running for president at present time

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 26 Sep 2021, 08:16 PM
alwasat radio

Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh revealed his position on running for the presidential elections scheduled for December 24, saying: "I cannot say anything about running for the presidency until the door for announcing the candidacy is opened, and before that, declaring my candidacy is not appropriate."

He added that the House of Representatives will hand over power as soon as the new parliament is elected, after the upcoming elections, stressing: “we do not want to exclude anyone, and whoever has popularity to be nominated for the presidency or parliament, let him apply according to the law issued in this regard,” according to a statement made on Saturday.

Regarding his position on the the High Council of State, he said: “The council was not included in the constitutional declaration, which is the current constitution, meaning that it does not exist. Therefore, consultation with it is for the national interest only.”

He continued, "consultations with the council are continuing, but they have not succeeded, this became clear to us in the sovereign positions file, which we sent too them 3 months ago and have received no response so far."

He stressed the need to hold elections, "we do not see any solution in Libya except through elections, and I am afraid that obstructing them will result in serious consequences and chaos."

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