Marshal Haftar appoints former Interim Government PM Abdullah Al-Thinni as Armed Forces Political Manager, assigns several posts to new military commanders

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 09 Aug 2021, 04:30 PM
alwasat radio

The Commander of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, has assigned former Interim Government Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni to the political management of the armed forces and issued decisions to appoint several military commanders.

According to a decision issued on Monday, Haftar decided to appoint Lieutenant General Emraje Al-Amami to head the ground forces, replacing Major General Noor al-Din Al-Hamali and Brigadier Abdullah Omar Al-Zaidi as commander of the Jufra Operations Room.

He also assigned Major General Saleh Aboudeh to manage training and decided to upgrade Major General Muftah Shagluf to the rank of Lieutenant General and assign him as head of the border staff.

In addition, Major General Ramadan Atallah Al-Barassi has been assigned as commander of the Al-Bayda Military District, and Major General Mohammed Al-Manfour was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and assigned him as Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

The decisions included the reconfiguration of the greater Sirte Operations Room and the commissioning of Major General Ahmed Salem as its commander, as well as the commissioning of Major General Hashim Burgea Al-Kaza as commander of the Tobruk Military District.

Last Saturday, Libya's Presidential Council directed all military units to "adhere only" to its "instructions regarding promotions, the formation of military units, and the appointment of military commanders."

The council said in a statement that these responsibilites were assigned to it "in accordance with outcomes of the political dialogue" and included in its duties "as the Supreme Commander of the Libyan army."

During a speech delivered from Benina Air Base on Monday, on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the establishment of the Libyan Army, Marshal Haftar said "the army will not be subject to any authority."

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