Tunisian Transport Minister: Tunisair flights to Tripoli will begin in first half of Ramadan

Alwasat - Cairo 3 days
alwasat radio

Tunisian Transport and Logistics Minister Moez Chakchouk revealed that Tunisair flights from Carthage Airport to Tripoli will start from the first half of Ramadan.

During the hearing of the Committee for Tunisian affairs abroad in Parliament on Tuesday, Chakchouk said that other flights are planned on Tunisair Express, from Sfax airport at the rate of 3 flights per week, which will gradually turn to daily flights.

The Libyan market accounts for between 20% and 30% of Tunisian airline revenues, with the suspension of flights with Libya, along with the rise in exchange rates and fuel, the company's financial position has been negatively impacted in the last year.

Tunisian authorities are hoping for the return of flights to boost commercial mobility as well, especially since the reopening of the land border with Libya on the Ben Gardane side, they have seen a boom in the movement of Libyan goods and tourists.

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