Di Maio: Libyan government considers Italy a special interlocutor

Alwasat - Cairo 3 days
alwasat radio

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said the Libyan government considers Italy a "special interlocutor", noting the importance of Italian prime minister Mario Draghi's visit to Tripoli on Tuesday.

Di Maio, who accompanied Draghi on the visit, pointed out that Libya is moving towards stability "thanks to the UN peace process," adding: "for the first time in many years there is a unified government" in the country, according to a radio statement on Wednesday morning, quoted by the Italian news agency Aki.

"It is a stable country that is facing all the previous critical issues," he added, referring to the "controversy" sparked by Draghi's remarks yesterday, in which he expressed Rome's satisfaction with Libya's efforts to manage illegal migrant flows.

"And also to address issues related to the protection of human rights and everything related to the management of migration flows, we finally have an institutional interlocutor representing the whole of Libya, let us give ourselves time to address all the issues." he said, stressing that "the issue of human rights is linked to the stability of the entire region."

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