Haftar: We will not allow anyone to harm the army or manipulate its fate

Alwasat - Cairo 3 days
alwasat radio

The commander of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, confirmed that he will not allow "anyone to harm the army or manipulate its fate," wishing the government of national unity to work on the removal of mercenaries, support the armed forces, the police and enforce the law, according to a speech he gave at the meeting of General Command officers in Benghazi.

Haftar said that "the battles for dignity in Benghazi, Derna, the oil fields and ports to the far west of Libya for seven years are honorable pages with rare counterparts in history," adding that "the battle of honor and dignity will not end until we reach the restoration of the prestige of the state, securing its borders". He called on the officers present to "always be prepared and fully vigilant to perform their duties with all force." Saying: "your army is still strong and growing stronger and ready, as we know that your intentions are the weapons that have achieved miracles and we will not allow anyone to harm the army ot manipulate its fate."

Haftar stressed that the armed forces "are the safety valve for political, economic and social stability, and that countries are built with regular armed forces, not the spread of armed groups and militias unchecked by successive governments from 2011 till today."

He also called on the interim government of national unity to work with all force to remove mercenaries, establish security arrangements and support the armed forces and the police to assume their functions in support of security, stability and impose law against criminals wherever they may be found in order to ensure peace and security throughout Libya.

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