UN envoy Kubis welcomes establishment of National Reconciliation Commission by Presidential Council

Alwasat - Cairo 4 days
alwasat radio

The UN Secretary-General's special envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, welcomed the Presidential Council's announcement of the establishment of the High Commission for National Reconciliation, charged with laying the groundwork for the reconciliation process with the aim of promoting unity, tolerance, justice and human rights, while healing the social fabric among the components of Libyan society.

Kubis expressed the willingness of the United Nations to support the Libyan authorities in their efforts in this context, referencing the need for a comprehensive human rights-based reconciliation process, which is essential to ensure lasting peace, stability, unity and prosperity.

On Monday, the head of Libya's Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, announced the establishment of the commission which will be made up six members, adding it will be "a monument to all Libyans and ensuring justice for all under the law."

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