Salamé: Libya is in a much better position today than it was a year or two ago

Alwasat - Cairo 4 days
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Libya's situation today is much better than it was a year or two ago," said former UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salamé, referring to the results of the three tracks of Libyan dialogue that resulted in a ceasefire, the selection of a new presidential council and the formation of an interim national unity government.

"When I went to Libya in the summer of 2017, the idea was to communicate between the Libyans themselves and to put the overlapping countries in Libyan affairs as far as possible on the sidelines, which angered a number of representatives of these countries a lot, because I said frankly let me seek understanding between the Libyans and sit aside," Salamé explained in an interview published by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

He pointed to the Berlin summit and the agreement of the world leaders present "which turned into an international resolution, resolution 2510 in early 2020."

He continued: "the general engineering laid out why the solution should be in Libya, especially what we called the three Libyan tracks that should work in a simultaneous manner, namely: the financial and economic track, which is the most important track in my opinion, the political track and the military track, or the so-called 5+ 5, all of these tracks started working."

"So there is a cumulative process and there is an engineering put in place at the beginning of 2020 that has stalled for a few months, and it has now been implemented," he added.

Salamé spoke about the reasons for the stumble in that period, which he attributed to "three things: first I had a heart disorder and I had to have urgent surgery, second is the coronavirus pandemic which made communication between Libya and the world difficult, third, most importantly, there was a strong Turkish intervention in western Libya, so the balance of military power changed inside Libya, this led in the summer of 2020 to the fact that the Libyans themselves calling us and saying we are ready to go back to the three tracks."

"Nothing is final in human life, and of course I am worried that armed operations will come out of here or there, mines are there, obstacles are there, external interventions are not finished at all, all these things I see."

Concluding, "But I say is Libya today the same as it was a year or two ago? And is Libya today as Yemen or Syria today? We must be realistic, acknowledge the existence of mines, decisions that have not been implemented, necessary legislation that has not yet been taken, coastal roads that have not been opened, I admit them all, but I ask others to admit them, because the situation of Libya today is much better than it was a year or two ago."


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