Chadian rebel group based in Libya returns home after call for reconciliation from President Idriss Déby

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 31 Mar 2021, 03:40 PM
alwasat radio

A Chadian rebel group based in Libya has returned to the country in response to a call for reconciliation from President Idriss Déby to join the armed forces under the peace agreement.

Chadian media revealed on Tuesday that rebel factions called the "Military Command Council to Save the Republic" signed a peace protocol in the Libyan border town of Tibesti, and handed over 90 four-wheel-drive vehicles, weapons and ammunition to the Chadian army.

"President Idriss Déby's outstretched hand policy is credited with returning to legitimacy and reconciliation," said the group's leader, Mohammed Haki Abdulrahman, explaining that they laid down their arms in order to participate in economic development and secure the country.

These former rebels will strengthen the strength of the Chadian army as they will be deployed across the country, a Chadian security source said.

The opposition group began activity in 2016 and was based in southern Libya, and from there launched operations inside Chad, particularly active in 2018.

In response, in August 2018, the Chadian army launched a military operation throughout the Tibesti border region, which includes several gold mines.

The most recent report of UN experts on Libya showed that Chadian "mercenaries" were seeking to increase their footprint, from Jufra to Sebha, Tamanhint and Brak in the southern Libya.

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