Bani Walid Ambulance Service demands Ministry of Health provide modern vehicles and increase employee salaries

Alwasat - Cairo 5 days
alwasat radio

The head of the Ambulance and Emergency Service in Bani Walid municipality, Ramadan Saeed, said he called on the Ministry of Health to provide modern and equipped ambulances to the branch and work to solve the financial matters related to its employees, such as health insurance, increase the salaries of employees and disburse bonuses.

Saeed said in a statement to Alwasat on Tuesday, that the branch suffers from a lack of capabilities, spare parts and equipment in general, especially as it works in areas where health care, ambulance and emergency services are not available.

He said that his branch covers all areas of the municipality, where it transfers patients to several cities including Misrata, Zliten and Tripoli, despite the shortage suffered by the agency, especially in equipped ambulances.

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