Bakery owners in Sebha plan work stoppage starting on February 1 to protest price increases, lack of supplies

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 26 Jan 2021, 01:30 AM
alwasat radio

The owners of bakeries in the city of Sebha have decided to stop work at the beginning of February due to price increases for ingredients used in the baking industry, demanding that the responsible authorities work to provide them.

The announcement came after a meeting of bakey owners in the municipality on Monday, with the decision addressed to the attorney general, the commander of the military district, the Administrative Control Authority, the Food and Medicine Control Center and the Brega company.

The bakery owners explained that this decision came due to the circumstances within the municipality, the lack of flour and expensive prices, noting that "a kantar (approx. 45 kg) of flour now costs 250 dinars."

They also noted "the high prices of oil, sugar, yeast, enhancers and increase in wages for the labor force," pointing out that "Sebha municipality bakeries do not get their allocated quantities of diesel, forcing bakery owners to buy diesel from the parallel market at exploitative prices, up to six dinars per liter, unlike bakeries in the eastern and western region.

They concluded that the work stoppage would begin on the February 1, if their demands were not met.

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