EU: Mechanism for sending a ceasefire monitoring mission to Libya not ready

Alwasat - Cairo 5 days
alwasat radio

"The proposed mechanism for sending a ceasefire monitoring mission in Libya is currently not ready," said the spokesman for the High Representative for security and foreign policy Josep Borell.

Spokesman Peter Stano acknowledged that Brussels has not provided any official response to the UN request in this regard, stressing that the EU's position will be issued "when it has all the necessary information and details," according to a statement carried by the Italian news agency Aki on Wednesday.

Aki quoted European sources as saying that bringing the idea to the capitals of EU member states "will come later when further clarifications are available".

The Europeans " believe that they are actively contributing to efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis, especially through the IRINI naval operation they launched last year to monitor the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution to stop the export of arms to Libya," the source added.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has proposed the formation of a group of retired civilians and military personnel from international bodies to monitor the ceasefire in Libya.

Guterres urged member states and regional organizations to "support the ceasefire implementation mechanism, including the provision of United Nations surveillance personnel," and compliance with the arms embargo, which is "subject to flagrant violations."

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