Saleh from Paris: We prefer people rising to power through ballot boxes, not bullets

Alwasat - Cairo 5 days
alwasat radio

"We prefer to see people rising to power through ballot boxes, not by the firing of bullets,"said the Speaker of Libya's House of Representatives Aguila Saleh during his visit to Paris.

Aguila's statement followed a closed-door meeting of more than an hour with French senate president Gérard Larcher on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Saleh spoke mainly about the Libyan crisis and the "Cairo Declaration," saying that the declaration "received the support of most countries in the world" as it provides for "a ceasefire, the dismantling of militias, as well as the organization of elections."

For his part, Larcher stressed that his country will do its best with the United Nations "to support the establishment of a strong executive authority in Libya," pointing to "Saleh's main role in the reunification of his country," and that "the stability of Libya affects the security of France and the security of Europe."

Saleh also thanked French President Emmanuel Macron and France for their "attention to Libyan affairs, support for a political solution through dialogue and support in preserving Libya's sovereignty and non-interference in its affairs."

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