Pope Francis calls for peace and reconciliation in Libya during Christmas address

Alwasat - Cairo Sat 26 Dec 2020, 01:30 AM
alwasat radio

In his Christmas message on Friday, Pope Francis called for peace and reconciliation in Libya, in his traditional presentation on conflicts in the world.

In a speech delivered on Christmas Day from a podium in the Vatican Hall and broadcast on the internet for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic, the pope expressed his hope that Christmas will lead to "the easing of tensions throughout the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean", calling for peace in Libya within the framework of ongoing negotiations.

"Let's look at the many children around the world, especially in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, who are still paying the high price of war," he added, according to the Vatican's official website. "Let their faces shake the consciences of men of good will so that the causes of conflicts are addressed and we work courageously to build a future of peace,"he said.

He also mentioned the anguish of the populations of a number of African countries "suffering a serious humanitarian crisis," speaking of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Ethiopia, and referring in particular to the suffering of the inhabitants of the Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique.

Regarding vaccines against the coronavirus, the pope stressed that during the pandemic "we need fraternity more than ever," strongly calling for vaccines to be "available to all."

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