Al-Khattabi: Representatives attending Tangiers meetings agree to resume Parliament sessions in Ghadames next week

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 26 Nov 2020, 05:26 PM
alwasat radio

Member of Parliament, Mabrouk Al-Khattabi, confirmed on Thursday, that the meetings of members of the House of Representatives in the Moroccan city of Tangiers "were only consultative," in preparation for the resumption of the Parliament's sessions in the city of Ghadames next week.

Al-Khattabi said in a statement to Alwasat that the consultative meeting in Tangiers "aims to break the stalemate and division between members of Parliament and rebuild confidence measures due to the war and its repercussions."

Al-Khattabi explained that "no formal sessions of parliament were held or any decisions taken until the sessions are resumed in Ghadames next week with a new vision and improving the level of parliament's performance and decision-making."

He also confirmed that "it was agreed to form a committee to amend the internal regulations and another to draw up a roadmap in the next stage and unify the offices of the two councils in Tripoli and Tobruk."

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