Al-Mishri calls on EU to help create economic development in African countries to reduce illegal migration

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 17 Nov 2020, 09:37 PM
alwasat radio

The head of Libya's High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri, called on the European Union to help create economic development in African countries, which are considered a source of illegal immigration to curb the phenomenon, according to the council's media office.

Al-Mishri’s call came during his meeting on Tuesday, with the head of the European Union’s mission to Libya, Ambassador Jose Sabadell.

The Media Office for the High Council of State said that during the meeting Al-Mishri and Sabadell discussed developments in the political and military situation in the country, open Libyan dialogue paths and ways to make them succeed, and the role of the European Union in resolving the crisis in Libya.

He added that the discussion touched on the issue of illegal immigration and ways to combat it, as Al-Maihri explained to the EU ambassador, “Libya is a transit country and not a source of migrants, and that the European Union should help create economic development in African countries that are the source of illegal immigrants to Europe to reduce the phenomenon."

Ambassador Sabadell held several meetings in Tripoli on Tuesday, including with the commander of the IRINI operation, Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha, and the Minister of Defense Salahedine Al-Namroush.

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