Salem Al-Hassi denies putting name forward as prime minister in Libya new authority

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 15 Nov 2020, 10:40 PM
alwasat radio

The former head of Libya's intelligence service, Salem Al-Hassi, "categorically" denied recent reports on social media platforms about his own candidacy for the post of president or prime minister, which is to be formed as a result of the political dialogue forum currently taking place in Tunisia.

Al-Hassi confirmed in a statement received by Alwasat Gate his absence in Tunisia and that he "did not enter into any deal neither domestic nor external, believing that the methods of getting the country out of its crisis are not sought through deals behind the scenes, but through clear declarations and with programs diagnosing the causes of the crisis and presenting solutions to it."

He called on all Libyans to "raise the value of political dialogue above all other options and to join all efforts to make the dialogue a success" Adding: "It is necessary to renounce disagreement and resort to peaceful ways to solve the outstanding problems and to prepare the atmosphere for a comprehensive national reconciliation that heals the wounds of the nation."

Salem Al-Hassi submitted his resignation to the previous General National Congress in 2014, citing his "lack of conviction in the executive branch"  questioning its legitimacy, the weakness in its structure and the loss its last remaining prestige to the citizen.

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