Williams: The new government is required to create the environment for holding elections and fighting corruption

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 09 Nov 2020, 03:52 PM
alwasat radio

The Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General to Libya, Stephanie Williams, confirmed that the new government in Libya will be tasked with "creating the appropriate climate for holding elections, launching the path of national reconciliation, combating corruption and promoting public services provided by the government to Libyans."

She added in her speech during the first session of the Libyan Political Forum held in Tunis, on Monday: "The Libyan Political Dialogue Forum may not solve all of Libya's problems, but failure to solve some of these problems - at least - may make resolving the conflict in the future impossible."

Williams stressed the need for the national political program "to renew political legitimacy by conducting transparent and fair national elections in accordance with a clear and agreed time frame."

She also demanded that “Libyans share a national vision to get their country out of the current crisis, which is the basis of the national political program. This program begins with the formation of a unified executive authority that completes the road to elections and ends with democratic elections that end the transitional phase.”

She indicated that the forum is being held after a successful round of military talks in Ghadames that supported the ceasefire agreement, following up: “We are witnessing fruitful cooperation in this regard and we can say that the transformation of the 5 + 5 group into the group of ten is not just a slogan but a tangible reality.”

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