GNA Interior Ministry signs MoU for security cooperation with Qatar

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 26 Oct 2020, 06:44 PM
alwasat radio

The Minister of Interior for the Government of National Accord signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with his Qatari counterpart in the field of security cooperation, in the Qatari capital, Doha, on Monday. The agreement focused on areas: combating terrorism, money laundering, and economic and electronic crimes.

The memorandum signed between the two ministries of interior aims to "enhance cooperation in the security field in a way that serves the interest of the two brotherly countries," according to the Qatar News Agency.

The first article of the memorandum states that it focuses on “cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and organized crime through: the exchange of information about terrorist organizations and the methods used by terrorist support networks in terms of supply, funding, research, investigation, identification of persons, assistance in investigations, and the exchange of information and experiences.

The second article of the memorandum stipulates the two parties cooperate in the fields of expertise, training and strengthening capacity building according to the resources available to each party. These include the documenting personal identities with the aim of establishing a national database.

As for the third article, it stipulates the cooperation of the two parties in the field of “combating violations of economic and financial nature, especially money laundering and the exchange of information on the methods used in illegal international trade, such as drug trafficking.

The fourth article emphasized the formation of a joint security follow-up committee that includes representatives from the concerned departments of the two parties, to follow up on security issues of common concern.

The memorandum shall enter into force from the date of its signature and its provisions shall be in effect for a period of 3 years, “and shall be automatically renewed for similar periods, unless one of the parties notifies the other party in writing of his desire to terminate it six months before the date of its expiry,” according to its text.

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