Tobruk desalination plant out of service due to technical malfunction

Alwasat - Cairo 4 days
alwasat radio

The seawater desalination plant in Tobruk halted operations on Friday due to a malfunction in one of its boilers, according to Engineer Mohamed Rizk, director of the plant.

Rizk said, in a statement to Alwasat that the seawater desalination plant in Tobruk operates with two boilers and three evaporators: "We were surprised this Friday morning that a fire leaked in the first boiler, which forced us to shut the plant completely so that no other damage would occur."

Rizk added that due to this malfunction, the station stopped pumping drinking water to the city’s network until repairs were carried out, explaining that the company's technicians have started maintenance of the boiler and the station is expected to operate partially beginning on Saturday.

Rizk stated that "the station has operated for twenty years without a complete overhaul, so it is natural for malfunctions to occur on a daily basis."

It should be noted that the seawater desalination plant in Tobruk was established in 2000 by the French company Seidem, with a production capacity of 36 thousand cubic meters.

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