Haftar: All initiatives under slogans of a comprehensive settlement have ended in complete failure

Alwasat - Cairo Fri 18 Sep 2020, 06:40 PM
alwasat radio

Libyan National Army Commander, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said, "All the initiatives announced from here and there, under the slogans of a comprehensive settlement and dealing with the crisis, all ended in utter failure."

He continued: "Citizens no longer have the opportunity to trust more of them because thet only works to prolong and complicate the crisis, it does not recognize the right of the people to determine its fate by free will, does not bother but to share power among the parties and their contents are devoid of the slightest concern for the rights and needs of the citizen,” according to his speech in a televised speech on Friday.

He continued: “After all these embellished initiatives, the local and international conferences that were based on them, and the previous welcome they were receiving, we did not see the slightest degree of progress towards a better reality, but the Libyan citizen sleeps and wakes up to homelessness, misery and misery, after the crisis crystallized. All of them, and confining them to a foolish political struggle, waged by a group of aspirants to power at any cost without taking into account the citizen's rights and living needs, and neglecting their suffering which has exacerbated to an unprecedented level due to the uncontrolled struggle for power."

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