Germany and Britain welcome decision to extend UN mission in Libya

Alwasat - Cairo 3 days
alwasat radio

Germany and Britain welcomed the UN Security Council’s decision to extend its mission in Libya until September 15th of next year.

The German Foreign Ministry said that the decision confirms the importance of the Security Council’s commitment to ensuring a permanent ceasefire and bringing peace to Libya, according to a statement on Wednesday.

While the British embassy described the decision as "an important development for the political process in Libya." Noting: "Undoubtedly, the future of Libya is something that the Libyans will decide, and the United Nations has an important role in supporting their efforts in the peace process and dialogue."

The British statement added, "We look forward to the appointment of a special envoy, and we are pleased to adopt this resolution drafted by Britain, and thank our colleagues in the Security Council for their cooperation."

The Security Council issued a decision to extend the mission on Tuesday, with the approval of 13 members and two abstentions, introducing amendments to the leadership structure of the mission for the first time since its establishment at the end of 2011.

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