Bloomberg: Al-Sarraj intends to announce his resignation soon

Alwasat - Cairo 4 days
alwasat radio

The American 'Bloomberg' news agency said that the head of Libya's Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, "intends to announce his resignation at the end of the week," but he will remain in his caretaker position during negotiations to form a new government in Geneva next month.

The agency quoted officials, whose names were not disclosed, as saying that Al-Sarraj is seeking, by resigning, to "relieve some of the pressure on him, while paving the way for his exit after the Geneva talks."

The agency indicated that the two parties to the Libyan conflict are seeking to agree on a new structure for the Presidential Council, "uniting the warring administrations in the country and preparing for elections."

Pointing out that this step "will be welcomed by Khalifa Haftar's regional supporters, including Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, while facilitating talks to unify the state (institutions)."

Arab and Western diplomats told the agency that Haftar "has increasingly opened the way politically to House of Representatives Speaker Aguila Saleh, who proposed a political initiative to unify the country's institutions and is now leading the talks" from in the east.

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