Qatar Defense Minister: Tripoli meeting dealt with preserving unity of Libya, reaching a political solution

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 20 Aug 2020, 10:12 PM
alwasat radio

Qatari Defense Minister Khaled al-Attiyah said that the Qatari-Libyan-Turkish trilateral meetings in Tripoli dealt with discussing the best ways to preserve Libya's unity, and to reach a political solution.

Al-Attiyah stressed that Qatar is seeking to reach a political solution in Libya, "which is the only option to solve the crisis," according to a statement published on the Al-Jazeera website on Wednesday.

Al-Attiyah added that the instability of the situation in Libya "greatly affects the neighboring countries and the whole region."

On Monday, al-Attiyah visited Tripoli, in conjunction with the Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, where they met with Libya Presidential Council leader, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and discussed the latest developments in the country, and the field situation in Sirte and Jufrah with Libyan officials.

The meeting touched on areas of military and security cooperation, programs to build security and defense capabilities of the Government of National Accord forces, and coordination mechanisms between the ministries of defense in the three countries.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense in the Government of National Accord, Colonel Salah al-Nimroush, announced that they had agreed with Qatar and Turkey to strengthen military cooperation, to provide seats for training Libyan students in the colleges of the two countries, and to support a political solution to the crisis in Libya.

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