100 migrants arrive in Italy from Libya and Tunisia

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 27 Jul 2020, 10:27 AM
alwasat radio

About 100 migrants who crossed the Mediterranean in small boats landed on the southern island of Lampedusa during the night, the latest in a wave of arrivals straining an already overcrowded holding centre.

Officials said the migrants, arriving from Libya, were either rescued at sea or managed to avoid detection and reach the island.

The arrivals of small boats, some carrying as few as eight people, brought to nearly 1,000 the number of migrants who have reached the island from Libya.

About 15 boats carrying some 300 migrants arrived during the night between Wednesday and Thursday.

They were put in a holding centre called the “hotspot”. Designed to hold about 100 people, in recent days it has been home to nearly 10 times as many.

Provincial officials this week ordered the emergency transfer of about 300 migrants to another centre in Sicily.

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