LNA General Command mourns death of former Brak military district commander Muhammad Bin Nayel

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 15 Jul 2020, 06:28 PM
alwasat radio

The Libyan National Army's (LNA) General Command released a statement mourning the death of  Major General Muhammad Bin Nayel, the former commander of the Brak military district and the 12th Infantry Brigade, who died on Wednesday, at 79. He was undergoing treatment at the Hawari Hospital in Benghazi, describing him as "one of its leaders and brave officers."

Bin Nayel is one of the senior officers of the Libyan army, who joined it's ranks after graduating from the Military Academy in 1962, his name was associated with several intelligence operations during the rule of the previous regime in Libya.

He served as the commander of the Military District of Barak, and formed the 241th Infantry Brigade in mid-March 2015, with the aim of removing the third force of 'Operation Libya Dawn' from Barak Al-Shati. He was captured in 2015 during battles that took place near the vicinity of Barak Al-Shati airbase, and referred him to the prosecution.

On April 4, 2016, Bin Nayel was released in accordance with an agreement with the elders of the Al-Magarha tribe in a swap that included the exchange of 16 prisoners from Misrata.

In May 2017, the General Command announced the resignation of Ben Nayel from his assigned duties and assigned General El Hadi Bouzid to command the 12th Brigade.

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