Egypt: We will not relent in dealing with threats from transfer of extermist fighters from Syria to Libya

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 09 Jul 2020, 01:25 AM
alwasat radio

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that all the causes of the Libyan dilemma are due to attempts to dominate Libya, which the country has been suffering from for a decade.

Shoukry added in the UN Security Council session on Wednesday: "The situation in Libya has been worsened due to the efforts made by regional parties to bring fighters from Syria and elsewhere, which threatens the security of stability in Libya and the neighboring countries and the Mediterranean basin."

"Unfortunately, Libya has become a haven for terrorists," the senior Egyptian official said, referring to the killing of 21 Egyptians in Sirte by ISIS, and said that the terrorist organization "has begun to appear in western Libya and in Sabratha."

He reviewed the Egyptian strategy in dealing with the Libyan crisis, saying: “Egypt has been steadfast in its support for every effort and initiative aimed at reaching a settlement of the situation in Libya, as Egypt has been involved in the political process, from Skhirat to Berlin, including by facilitating contacts and negotiations between the parties. Libyan."

Unfortunately, large areas of western Libya have become a foothold for extremism and a safe haven for terrorist organizations. These evil forces often sought to extend their dark shadow over Egypt by penetrating our western borders, and imposed, on occasion, a heavy price on the lives of dozens of men, women and children, who were often worshiping peacefully in mosques and churches.

He continued, “It must be emphasized that such bloody breakthroughs have decreased significantly thanks to the Libyan National Army’s efforts to secure the eastern regions of Libya, and thus the established a rule that maintaining state security must remain the responsibility of the legitimate institutions of the government.

Shoukry said: “I feel very disturbed that ISIS fighters have reappeared in some cities in western Libya, especially in Sabratha. Therefore, I take this opportunity to reiterate that the OIC member states are obligated to combat terrorism in Libya, including by condemning any form of support or support given to the forces of extremism by any regional party.

Noting: "the transfer of extremist fighters from Syria to Libyan territory, as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports indicate daily, further exacerbates the situation in Libya... These threats represent a clear and present danger to Egypt, and we will not relent in dealing with this type of threats as they approach our borders."

The Egyptian foreign minister continued, “They must stop and end support for extremism. Solving this problem and resisting these policies is a key condition for the success of our efforts to protect the future of our peoples and the Libyan people. ”

On his country's position on the crisis, he said: “Egypt’s principled position is based on supporting the political solution to a united Libya, as stated in the (Cairo Declaration) issued on June 6, 2020, which is fully consistent with the results of the Berlin Summit and the relevant Security Council resolutions, as well as comprehensive decisions Arab countries and the African Union.

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