Macron: Turkey bears "criminal responsibility" in the Libyan conflict

Alwasat - Cairo Tue 30 Jun 2020, 12:22 AM
alwasat radio

French President Emmanuel Macron lashed out Monday against Turkey’s “criminal” responsibility in Libya. 

Speaking during a visit to Germany, Macron strongly condemned Turkey’s actions in Libya as “unacceptable.” 

He said Turkey “doesn’t respect any of its commitments.” France sees Ankara as an obstacle to securing a cease-fire in the conflict-torn country.

Tensions between France and Turkey escalated following a June 10 incident between Turkish warships and a French naval vessel in the Mediterranean, which France considers a hostile act under NATO’s rules of engagement.

Turkey has denied harassing the French frigate.

France accused Turkey of repeated violations of the U.N. arms embargo and of importing Syrian fighters to Libya.

Macron also condemned interference in Libya from Russian private military contractor Wagner.

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